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A Christmas Meme is basically a bunch of questions about your Christmas traditions and plans. Quite a wonderful idea I think, a chance for other bloggers to have a nice incite of the many ways families spend Christmas.

So here goes;

What is your favourite thing about Xmas?

It’s almost impossible to say just one thing. We’ve never really had any family traditions so there’s not really that to look forward to, this year though, I’ve looked forward to creating those traditions! With Alexandra turning 3 this year it’s made me think of ways I can make Christmas as magical as I can possibly make it. We started off by baking mince pies together, Christmas cookies, Christmas cards and even Christmas decorations. It’s been a bunch of fun. We’ve been to the wonderful Manchester German Markets (which I do go to every year, so I suppose that’s a bit of a tradition) and cuddled up on the sofa drinking hot chocolate while watching Christmas films. Then this friday we put up all our decorations and the real tree. I’ve really tried to make it that extra special, and hopefully do the same thing next year. I decided a while ago that I was going to make it super special by going to a place called The Christmas Adventure, Which really made everything seem so magical. I suppose you could say my favorite thing about it really, is the build up to it. Oh, and the Costa hot chocolates, the best is the Black Forest Hot Chocolate this year 😉 

Whats your favourite make up look for the season?

I usually go for dark wintery colours, like burgundys, but this year I’ve just stuck to the usual smokey eyes and red lippy. 

Real or Fake tree?

Real, ever since I started buying my own tree I’ve opted for real. I remember being absolutely  heart broken when I was younger and my parents got rid of our old fake tree and replaced it with a real but as I’ve got older I’ve realised how much more fun it is to get a real one. The whole choosing a tree and taking it home every year gets me excited. Plus it leaves a wonderful smell in the house rather than the smell of old dust and god knows what else.

Giving or receiving presents?

Giving, giving, giving!! I’m absolutely crazy for present giving, as my boyfriend knows this too well. I always find that special gift for loved ones that I know will make them feel really special and thought about. I always have to make up excuses to get things for Alexandra and for David through out the year and Christmas is just a perfect excuse to spoil them rotten! 

What is your favourite Xmas film?

I’m such a huge fan of Dr Seuss that it definitely has to be The Grinch. Dr Seuss books have always been on my book shelves and some books have even been passed down generations, now they’re passed onto Alexandra and they’re also proving to be her favorite.  Oh but then there’s Elf. That film gets me every year.

What’s your favourite Xmas food?

The prawn cocktail starter and the stuffing! Of course also the wonderful deserts too. I’m making the Dinner this year for a change and I’m planning an amazing desert!

I also want to add that this will be the 3rd Christmas me and my boyfriend will spend together and I hope it’ll be many more to come. The 1st one was simply because we both had no plans, then the next year I never expected we’d actually be together in a relationship by then, but now look, 3rd year and we’re looking forward to more! 

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